Introducing the MessageUp Content Marketing Blog - "The Framework"

June 13, 2022

Welcome to "The Framework"

Content marketing has become an essential component of your marketing strategy as buyer's expect an end-to-end digital customer experience.

This is a challenge for smaller, resource-constrained companies without content marketing experience. There are plenty of resources and expensive software tools for large organizations and marketing teams but little of use to a growth-stage business.

That's why we created the MessageUp Content Marketing Framework to help growing B2B companies master content marketing.

What to Expect

Each week, we'll cover an important topic from within the world of B2B content marketing - from elements of the MessageUp framework to frequently asked questions.

Our goal is to make each step of the content marketing process as straightforward as possible and achievable by teams with limited resources.

Over time, we hope The Framework will become your go-to resource for B2B content marketing answers.

Don't Miss Anything

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As well as keeping you up-to-date on the blog, it includes the latest news on our learning programs and products, as well as links to relevant and helpful articles by other content marketing experts.

Of course, you can always pull up The Framework homepage to see and search our growing archive of articles.

Our Back Catalog

To get the ball rolling, we've created posts from a few articles published in recent editions of our newsletter.

They provide an introduction to the MessageUp Content Marketing Framework, some basic definitions of messaging and content marketing, four questions to ask about investing in content marketing, the value of giving your brand a humanizing personality, and a quick guide to profiling your ideal customer.

Let Us Know What to Write Next

We want to make this blog as helpful as possible to you. So, tell us what you'd like to know!

The most requested topics will gain priority on our editorial calendar.

We're also looking for guest posts by B2B content marketing experts and practitioners. Email us your ideas and we'll be in touch.

We look forward to your feedback. And if there's someone else you know who would benefit from reading The Framework, please send them this link!

Thank you for reading!

~ Team MessageUp

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