Which is why it's critical to our mission.

Why MessageUp is in business


Content marketing is mission critical for B2B companies that want to connect with prospects in today's digital world.

We're passionate about helping B2B companies solve that challenge and deliver exceptional growth, especially when resources are constrained.

What MessageUp offers its clients


We guide B2B CEOs through developing and championing an effective content marketing strategy, and we help marketing leaders operationalize those strategies without overburdening their teams.

Who MessageUp helps with B2B messaging

For Whom?

We focus on content marketing faced by leaders at small-to-mid-sized B2B companies.

We're industry agnostic and primarily work with clients in North America and the UK.

Our Origin Story


FOunder + Principal Consultant

Content Marketing Specialist + 2x Author + Entrepreneur + Angel Investor

Matt followed a serendipitous industrial career that took him from one end of the technology value chain to the other.

He used things (and frequently broke them) as a front-line engineer. He helped improve them within technology development roles. He invested in their commercialization while working in corporate venture capital. And, he went on to lead venture capital and private equity backed B2B businesses selling industrial hardware, software, and services.

In 2019, Matt chose to focus on the aspects of business leadership that excite him most—building brands, marketing them like larger companies, and helping them grow. He and his wife, Melanie, then merged their strategy and marketing practices to form Strategic Piece.

Over the next two years, almost every project that Strategic Piece undertook involved some aspect of content marketing. That led Matt to research the topic more deeply, building upon his career-long passion for delivering exceptional content, and to launch MessageUp in 2022 as a dedicated concept under the Strategic Piece banner.