B2B Content Marketing is Mission Critial and it's critical to Our Mission

What we do, how we got here, and where we're going.

Why MessageUp is in business


Content marketing has become mission critical for B2B companies to connect with prospects in today's digital world. We're passionate about helping resource constrained companies solve that challenge and deliver exceptional growth.

What MessageUp offers its clients


Our framework guides CEOs through developing a content marketing strategy and helps marketing leaders operationalize that strategy, making their company's content more effective without overburdening their team.

Who MessageUp helps with B2B messaging


We focus on content marketing and growth challenges faced by leaders at small-to-mid-sized B2B companies.
We're industry agnostic and primarily work with clients in North America and the UK.

How MessageUp delivers B2B messaging help to its clients


MessageUp offers both remote and in-person coaching for individuals and leadership teams.
We're putting the finishing touches on two books, one for CEOs and one for marketing leaders.
And, we will be launching on-demand computer-based training in the second half of 2023.

Schedule a consultation with MessageUp or ask about workshops and online training


Consultation calls can be scheduled here.
Please contact us to check our availability for longer-term coaching engagements.
In person workshops will launch in January 2023, followed later in 1Q23 by online training modules.

Why MessageUp helps people with B2B messaging


We've spent years helping smaller B2B companies develop and implement growth strategies. We've learned and researched what works for businesses at that stage from a content marketing standpoint, and we're here to help you benefit from that accumulated know-how.

OUR Origin Story

The journey that led to MessageUp


FOunder + Principal Consultant

Content Marketing Specialist + Entrepreneur + Angel Investor + B2B Strategy Consultant

Matt followed a serendipitous industrial career that took him from one end of the technology value chain to the other.

He used things (and frequently broke them) as a front-line engineer. He helped improve them within technology development roles. He invested in their commercialization while working in corporate venture capital. And, he went on to lead venture capital and private equity backed B2B businesses selling industrial hardware, software, and services.

In 2019, Matt chose to focus on the aspects of business leadership that excite him most—building brands, marketing them like larger companies, and helping them grow. He and his wife, Melanie, then merged their strategy and marketing practices to form Strategic Piece.

Over the next two years, almost every project that Strategic Piece undertook involved some aspect of content marketing. That led Matt to research the topic more deeply, building upon his career-long passion for delivering exceptional content, and to launch MessageUp in 2022 as a dedicated concept under the Strategic Piece banner.

Life is Great When...

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    Our clients find smarter ways to deliver relevant, helpful messages to their audiences.

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    People notice the new content and its impact.

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    We help a business jump-start its sales growth.

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    We're sipping wine in the sun, toasting your success.