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Your Invitation to Grow

Leading a growing business can be daunting, frustrating, and lonely.

An unfortunate characteristic of today’s fast-paced, decentralized workplace is a scarcity of in-person interactions with experienced peers from whom to glean insights and fresh ideas.

As a member of the B2B Builders community, you join a diverse group facing similar challenges across geographies, industry verticals, and business stages.

Together, we will create intentional online proximity where new relationships can be built, ideas exchanged, and challenges tackled.

Imagine growing your business with the support of a hundred—perhaps hundreds of—experienced leaders ready to listen and offer advice.

Will you join us in turning the B2B Builders vision into a thriving reality?

Why Create This Community?

We are all tired of social media. The noise, the clutter, the low-quality content.

In-person events attract a more relevant, informed audience, but are infrequent and require a major investment of time and money.

The answer?

A private, online community that creates intentional proximity between an appropriately sized group of qualified professionals.

Exclusive. Active. Supportive. Collaborative.

A place where growth-minded leaders can exchange ideas, share experiences, and gain insights that accelerate the growth of their business.

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Who is It For?

This community is not for everyone. We are deliberately designing it for:

  • C-suite leaders responsible for growth at small- to mid-sized B2B businesses.
  • Primarily Founders and CEOs, but also CMOs and others.
  • Select specialists, coaches, and fractional executives with domain expertise in B2B growth strategy and execution.

How Will I benefit?

Your growth journey will never be the same again.

You will apply ideas and concepts gleaned from the community to growing your business, but that’s just the beginning.

From sharing ideas and experiences to learning from others, crafting best practices, and networking with fellow professionals—you will grow as a person and a leader.

You may become a recognized authority, leading group discussions within the community.

You may find opportunities for future work.

Over time, we expect B2B Builders membership to become a recognized indicator of professional credibility.

Importantly, we expect the time you spend in our community to be enjoyable, enlightening, and fulfilling.

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What Will it Cost?

The primary cost will be your time—a leader’s most precious resource.

We expect the return on each hour you invest in the B2B Builders community to be much greater than from a similar amount of time spent on social media.

We will charge a membership fee—starting as low as $39 per month—to support high quality operations and deter freeloaders.

Founding members will receive a preferred rate for the life of their membership in recognition of their pioneering spirit.

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What Makes it Special?

From the beginning, the B2B Builders community will feature a curated membership of qualified professionals, with a membership directory searchable by expertise, interests, and location.

The heart of the community will be moderated discussion threads on relevant topics, as well as general discussions and polls to gauge group sentiment and inform best practices.

We will also host live streamed sessions led by community experts on topics of interest to our members.

Clipped screenshot showing member directory from the prototype B2B Builders online community

As the community grows and finds its mojo, we will unlock value-adding features, such as:

  • Asynchronous learning (digital courses) produced in collaboration with community members.
  • Mastermind groups, for deeper conversations, problem solving, and personal accountability.
  • Extended live events (digital summits) for more in-depth discussions on themes of importance to the community.
  • In-person events (physical summits) for face-to-face networking and discussions.

We intend to cap total membership to prevent overcrowding that might impair quality interactions.

Man wearing headphones, participating in an online training course.
Group of executives with documents and refreshments engaged in happy conversation.

Complete an Online Application Today!

What is This Not?

There are several things that we’re intentionally trying to avoid:

We will not become a sales platform for consultants. Blatantly salesy content will be taken down and a warning issued to the contributor.

We will not become a job board. Overt opportunity promotion or solicitation will be strongly discouraged.

We won’t let a few voices dominate the conversation. Our moderators will flag excessive or overpowering contribution and coach members on being constructive and inclusive contributors.

We won’t tolerate the regurgitation of generic material that’s easily found elsewhere. Our moderators will push for high-quality contributions, original ideas, and creative discussions.

Our community will not become an echo chamber. We will actively seek and curate a diverse membership to provide multiple points of view.

We’re not here to push a point of view. This will be a community built around member contributions and feedback, so we will listen and respond to your suggestions on how we can make the B2B Builders experience even better.

Montage showing a finger clicking on a smiling face emoji next to five stars, showing satisfaction with what the community has to offer.

How Soon Will it Go Live?

Our primary objective is to foster an active, value-creating community. To ensure this happens from the beginning, we need to attract and engage an initial cohort of qualified professionals before launching the community.

We are busy targeting B2B growth leaders and inviting them to complete our online application. Successful applicants will be placed on a waitlist until launch day. Will you be one of them?

Our goal is to issue the first 100 community membership invitations in May 2024. We will trigger that process as soon as we’re satisfied that the right number and quality of people have joined the waitlist

Members who join at launch will be accorded Founder Member status and receive special benefits throughout their time as a B2B Builders member.

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